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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

As a registered nurse, I have first-hand experience taking care of a variety of patients. Prior to my time working on a med-surg/oncology floor in a hospital, I spent years working in long-term care, including memory care lock-down and skilled-rehab units. Often the relief available to our patients from their symptoms becomes a trade off for other symptoms or complications. It seems to be a cat and mouse game; which symptom is causing discomfort and which medication will treat each symptom. I decided I would love to be able to offer my patients relief from their symptoms with a treatment that does not cause a myriad of other symptoms. I have always believed in the benefits of plant medicine as a healing modality, particularly cannabis. I believe there is much more to gain from plants and feel we are just entering the forefront of this research. If we can accept that food is medicine and nutrition is one of the most important things we can do for our health, we should also be able to look to plants to heal us when our bodies become out of balance, i.e. disease. I feel that there is much more to gain from plants, and I look forward to helping you feel better.

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Jason Sheck
Jason Sheck
Dec 11, 2021

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