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🌱Canna Sugar

A vital ingredient in my healthy mocktail series.✨ Did you know you can make this with CBD flower also? Love the versatility of CBD and THC sugar for whatever mocktail I may be in the mood for.

First step is to grab your tincture which is decarboxylated THC or CBD flower soaked in Everclear alcohol. You want to use a high quality food-grade alcohol because even though it's going to evaporate off the final product, we're still ingesting this and we wouldn't want to ingest rubbing alcohol remnants. Pour 1 cup of sugar into a tray. Pour 1/2 THC or CBD tincture over the sugar.

Next, mix mix mix that sugar into the alcohol. Keep moving the sugar around until all the liquid has been used up.

Now, your going to make tracks in the sugar for air flow and let it sit for 12 hours. You can periodically stir it every couple hours but I forgot that step and it was fine, no clumps.

Bottle it up in a mason jar and use for whatever you want. I've mixed it into a balsamic salad dressing, stirred it in healthy mocktails, and even added it to my morning coffee.


1/2 THC or CBD tincture

1 cup organic sugar

Dump sugar onto a tray. Pour tincture over sugar and mix in until liquids are fully absorbed. Make tracks in the sugar for air flow and let sit for 12 hours. Bottle up in a mason jar and store in the pantry.

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