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'Big Pharma' History in Cannabis Medicine

🌱Cannabis is and has always been medicine🌱

💚Let's remind ourselves where we started with our pharmaceutical history. Cannabis was and is still very much a therapeutic medicine which is beneficial for so many things, including respiratory illness, in the proper form. This is why I recommend working with a cannabis nurse if you need help, because the dosage and form of consumption that you require takes a lot of learning and paying attention to your body. Your needs might change with illness and the introduction of new medications.

✳️Even Johnson & Johnson, the leader of baby products, was making cannabis products at one time👀

✳️Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals used to sell 23 cannabis infused medicines, at one time having their own cannabis fields, yet have successfully erased their involvement with cannabis medicine from their history.

Do we think more pharmaceutical companies will start “uncovering” their history with cannabis medicine as it moves towards federal legalization?☺️

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